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Ambasada RP
Atatürk Bulvari 241
Kavaklidere PK 20, 06650 Ankara
tel. (0-090312) 467-56-19, 467-33-65
fax. 467 89 63
e-mail: polamb@superonline.com , polamb@ada.net.tr

Konsulat RP w Stambule

Büyük Çiftlik Sok., Yücel Apt.5/7 Nisantaşi, Istanbul
tel. (0-090212) 291 03 00, 291 03 01
fax. 233 06 18

Konsulat RP w Mersin
Konsul Honorowy: Jan Taşçci (turecki, angielski, niemiecki)
Ismet Inonu Bulvari uysal, apt.4 d.7., 33100 Mersin, Turkey
tel. (0.090324) 232 46 18,233 39 10
fax. (324) 231-45-31

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